James Capital, LLC’s mission is to bring a variety of financing options to bear for expanding business and taking the financial stress off of businesses, health care organizations and municipalities. Below are options that are available to solve operational needs using external debt capital;

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Equipment Finance

We provide a range of commercial equipment leasing options to improve your bottom line. Vehicle and equipment leasing delivers these key benefits:

  • Cut costs with low, fixed-rate financing
  • Preserve working capital with little or no down payment
  • Structure predictable payments to match your cash flow
  • Avoid obsolescence and increase efficiency with up-to-date equipment
  • Gain potential tax deductions (ask your tax advisor for details)
  • Match timing of payments to earning of revenue
  • Lease items that depreciate in value and own those that appreciate in value
  • Avoid unexpected financing shortage from concentrating financing with one lender

See complete industry list here.

Working Capital

We prepare and submit your credit package (Narrative, financial statements, financial schedules, projections, etc.) to our recommended lender of choice. This is the time to sell the lender on why you are a “good fit” for them. Your package will be organized, clear, concise and professional. The lender performs an initial credit analysis to determine if you are a candidate for their ABL program.

If you are a candidate for the lender, they will issue a proposal with credit limit, term, collateral included, advance rates, interest rates, points, reporting requirements, covenants and due diligence fees. This is the time for negotiation of terms and having knowledge of what to look out for comes in handy. If a deal is struck, you will execute the proposal, pay diligence fees and schedule a site visit for a collateral audit. The proposal will include a variety of fees depending on the lender may include but not limited to: application fees, origination, due diligence, underwriting, collateral monitoring, loan management, credit facility and banking fees.

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CFO Consulting

We will provide the following as needed but not limited to:

  • Leadership in finance & accounting, administration, technology, working capital and capital structure management.

Strategic financial planning is process that creates a capital environment that facilitates the company’s growth. It timely matches the financial plans with the mission and vision of the organization.